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Recording Real Estate Documents 


In addition to the document formatting standards shown in Formatting Standards, documents presented for recording must meet the following statutory requirements.  In some cases (charter* counties as well as the City of St. Louis) there may be different ordinance regulations pertaining to recording requirements, so we suggest that you contact your county Recorder of Deeds for specific information.


*Jackson, St. Charles and St. Louis


  • Fees - Fee to be paid before record made, RSMo 59.320.

  • Notary Public - Documents must be proved or acknowledged, RSMo 59.330.1(1).

  • Legal Description - Documents must contain a legal description. Supplemental Indentures of utility companies and rural electrical cooperatives are exempted, RSMo 59.330.2.

  • Grantee's Address - All deeds must contain a mailing address of one of the grantees named in the document, RSMo 59.330.2.

  • Mortagee's Address - All Deeds of Trust and Assignments must contain the mailing address of the mortgagee or assignee, RSMo 443.035.2.

  • Note Presented - For Deeds of Trust recorded prior to January 1, 1986, the notes must be presented with the Release Deed, RSMo 443.060.1.

  • Note Lost - If the note has been lost or destroyed, an Affidavit of Lost Note must be presented along with the Release Deed, RSMo 443.060.2.

  • Notice - Information required for Notice of Foreclosure, RSMO 443.325.



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